Michael Bolton should feature

Leaving Letterkenny at 10 on Saturday morning, the previous weekends pre-Swell dread was replaced with a pre-Sin E excitement. We'd gotten our first gig out of the way, had a rehearsal room in Crumlin booked for four hours, and had the ultimate, gigging band luxury to look forward to, a soundcheck!!! Rehearsal in the 'ya couldn't swing a cat' sweatbox of room three went great, a lot better than our previous efforts in the 'if ya could swing a cat it would sound like complete shite' sweatbox of room two. Then off to Sin E. A beautiful venue along the sun basked quays. Being ridiculously early (how rock n' roll) we had ample time to set up (bliss) and run through two songs in soundcheck. Possibly the best sounding venue we've experienced, at least on stage. Opening the proceedings was the wonderful Elizabeth Moen. Her plaintive, gorgeous vocals reminiscent of one Jeff Buckley, which was pretty apt considering his links to the venues hallowed namesake in New York. Make sure to check her out. Then, the time was now. We took to the stage at 10.45, feeling confident, and blasted through a 13 song set in an hour and 15 minutes. A huge improvement from our performance the week before, the audience seemed to dig it. A big thanks to everyone that came, a lovely turn out considering we had the sense to play a gig the same weekend there were FOUR festivals on, doh! Now, there's really only one place to leave this. After the show an enthusiastic and pure sound fella called Paddy went through a review of the gig he'd written on his phone. The 8 hours in the car were worth it for this alone, we did some laughing. Check it out below, the best review we've ever received (and probably ever will). Cheers Paddy, ya mad bastard!


1. Chorus first chord, what?

2. Lads singing over solo, tidy

3. Filthy chorus key change (20 mins from porno)

4. Filthy chord progression. Shout background. Just filthy chords. Shameless. Shock chords.

5. Delay, hello! Repeated note. Riff! Subtle speed guitar, what's your name? "Whispers in my ear", sheer class. Freaky chords! Backing vocals amen! 

6. (Smoke break.)

7. Piano, lovely! Repeated note. Filthy key change! Seamless, yet not seamless! Piano like "Losing My Edge"


9. Holding notes on keys through key change. Heaven. 

10. Beach Boys chords. Was that two songs or their Bohemmian Rhapsody? Find out! Where did Nirvana come from?

11. Non Toto Africa Toto Africa. Sweet as shit harmony! 

12. High left (stage right) harmony killer. Overdrive riff, quality!

13. Michael Bolton should feature. Sick drum intro, sounds unusual but methinks is normal. "Get Back" BV. Anxious part half time share magic. Starts like "Come Out Ye Black and Tans" and ends like "Innuendo" and then something else. BV again unreal. Last riff is gold! 

14. Intro beautiful. Pearl Jam, U2, Nirvana and Erasure together! BV heaven again. Foreign chords. Unsettling lol


1. An Idea

2. Sanguine Lane

3. The Misanthropic Phase

4. Monday, etc

5. Sad Brunette

6. Lips

7. Godspeed

8. Treehouse

9. Requisite

10. Spiral Headcase

11. Half Party, Half Battle

12. Let's Cross the Rubicon

13. She's Voyeuristic